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Al Davis – Integration in 1960’s Football

Al Davis went to a segregated school until 1963-64 when a quarter back from the other schools recruited him.   Click HERE to see Al’s full Oral History!

John Niland 2

John Niland – How Football Greats are Remembered

John Niland talks about how the pro-football hall of fame great, Jackie Smith was remembered after dropping a touchdown pass. CLICK HERE to see John’s Short Story on meeting a mafia boss and a favor he had done for him in the Famous and Notorious People Category! CLICK HERE to see John’s Short Story on his…

Bill Krisher

Bill Krisher – Playing for Bud Wilkinson in College

Bill Krisher talks about his college football career and what it was like playing for the great Bud Wilkinson. CLICK HERE to watch the full Oral History

Cliff Odom 1

Cliff Odom – Odd Jersey Number

  Cliff Odom talks about when he was in high school football and received his jersey number. CLICK HERE to see Cliff in the GBC exclusive online show, The Extra Point! CLICK HERE to see his full Oral History.

Roger Wessels

Roger Wessels – Babe Ruth

Roger Wessels was a neighbor of Babe Ruth in Manhattan. CLICK HERE to watch the full Oral History