Stanley Feld

Dr. Stanley Feld – JFK Shooting News

Dr. Stanley Feld was working with a 28 year old heart attack victim when he heard about President Kennedy being shot. CLICK HERE to watch the full Oral History

Al Golman

Al Golman – Lee Harvey Oswald’s Death

Al Golman was outside the Dallas Police Station and heard the shots when Jack Ruby killed Lee Harvey Oswald. CLICK HERE to see Al’s Short Story about his brother who was captured by the SS at the Battle of the Bulge, in the WWII – Europe and at Home Category! CLICK HERE to watch the…

Tina Israel

Tina Israel – JFK Assassination Impact

Tina Israel recounts the tragedy of President Kennedy’s assassination and the impact she felt. CLICK HERE to watch the full Oral History

Colleen Boswall

Colleen Boswall – Geophysical Services and Luby’s

Colleen Boswall worked for the predecessor of Texas Instruments, Geophysical Services. Her family also started the cafeteria style restaurant, Luby’s. CLICK HERE to watch the full Oral History

Bert Kraft Drums

Bert Kraft – Still Playing Drums After WWII

Bert Kraft, a WWII Navy war veteran, has an incredible talent: he plays the drums and can even play the evolution of music. CLICK HERE to see his Round Table discussion over WWII.

A J Mills

A.J. Mills – Executive Charter

A.J. Mills recalls his company, Executive Charter, having an impressive clientele base. CLICK HERE to see AJ’s Short Story about his formation being fired on and his commander going down in the WWII – Europe and At Home Category! CLICK HERE to see his Short Story about a multi-plane crash that almost took him down in…

Toppy Bell

Toppy Bell – Houdini

Toppy Bell’s grandfather was an electrician who worked with Houdini and also worked on the Golden Gate Bridge. CLICK HERE to watch the full Oral History

Edna Purcell Bridges

Edna Purcell Bridges – Lost Drawing Book

Edna Purcell Bridges talks about her husband’s drawing book that he left at the camp, where he was a POW in World War II. The book miraculously made it’s way back to her thanks to a reporter from the Daily Mail. CLICK HERE to see the full Oral History.

Ito Perl

Seinwil “Ito” Perl – JFK Convoy

Ito Perl was working at Texas Instruments when he saw JFK go by before the President went to Dallas. CLICK HERE to watch the full Oral History

Karen Glanger

Karen Glanger – First Video Store

Karen Glanger and her husband opened the first video rental store known as VideoLand. CLICK HERE to watch the full Oral History

Richard Aston

Richard Aston – Child Care

Richard Aston gives a new meaning to “child care”, defines “farmed out” and discusses the Great Depression. CLICK HERE to watch as Richard’s Short Story about going to the Movie Theater to watch Newsreels during WWII, in the WWII – Europe and at Home category! CLICK HERE to watch Richard’s Short Story about how automation…

Lannie Sutherland

Lennie Sutherland – Discovering Siblings

Lennie Sutherland first learned of her five biological brothers and sisters more than 70 years after she was adopted. CLICK HERE to watch the full Oral History