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Vietnam Roundtable – Tony Berry and Leon Watkins

  Scott and Larry sit down for a discussion with Tony and Leon about their experiences during the Vietnam War and what happened after they came home.

The Extra Point: Episode 2

The Extra Point: Episode 2

  In this episode, John Niland and Ed ‘Too Tall’ Jones Talk about some of their experiences in the NFL. Ed Talks about his boxing career, his college car rental service, and how he got the name ‘Too Tall’. John Talks about being the first lineman to be a number one pick for the Dallas…

Lest We Forget: A World War II Documentary

The Extra Point: Episode 3

  With former NFL players, Byron Williams, Cliff Odom and Hurles Scales, Larry talks about some of the sayings that motivated him when he played for the New York Giants. Hurles talks about how he went from being an NFL defensive back, to becoming a professor. Cliff and Byron Talk about how they met in…

Lest We Forget Doc

Lest We Forget – Extras and Outtakes

The Extra Point: Episode 4

  This episode of The Extra Point features Ira Terrell and Flozell Adams! Ira and Flozell both share the stories of their most embarrassing moments in their professional sports career. LeBron James, or Michael Jordan? Ira gives his opinion on the best players in the NBA. Flozell also shares how he was not a sports…

I Survived Doc - Marian

I Survived the Holocaust Death Camps: Marian’s Story

The Extra Point: Episode 5

  This episode we have have baseball greats Mike Napoli, Claude Osteen, and Jack Lindsey! They talk about some of the biggest differences in the MLB now, VS when they played. What was the pay like when they played? How were players treated then VS now? How did their families feel about playing professional sports?…

Cubs Fans Doc

Cubs Fans: Suffering and Love in the Windy City

The Extra Point: Episode 6

  In this episode of The Extra Point, Larry asks guests, Mike “Scooter” McGruder, Patrick “Action” Jackson and Michael “Slim Goody” Downs where they got their nick names from. Our guests delve into their education as Michael shares that he almost failed out of Rice and Mike admits to his mother on camera what his…