Famous & Notorious People

Eli Davidsohn

Eli Davidsohn – Max Factor

John Niland 2

John Niland – Mafia

Pat Quigley- On Signing Keith Urban

Pat Quigley-Hired by EMI

Pat Quigley-Chris Gaines on SNL

Freedom-Meeting Nelson Mandela

Bill Ragan – Partying with Frank Sinatra & Moving Nat King Cole

Bill Ragan – The Tri Lads

Jeffrey Leynor – Calling out Warren Spahn

Jeffrey Leynor – Reminiscing Working with Clive Davis and Stanky Brown

Orville Rogers

Orville Rogers – Seeing Lindbergh Flying

Ormand & Eve Knowles – Johnny Carson on his Way to Burn Down his Apartment

Ormand & Eve Knowles – NBC Security

S.D. Houston

S.D. Houston – Playing Golf with Arnold Palmer

David Arant

Hugh “David” Arant – Winston Churchill’s Words Get him Through a Scary Moment

George Paul Rollin

George Paul Rollin – Meeting Martin Luther King Jr.

Nancy F. Holland

Nancy F. Holland – Coal for Hogs

Josephine Cook

Josephine “Jo” Cook – Raising 21 Kids and Uncle Alvin York

Roger Wessels

Roger Wessels – Babe Ruth

Alan Waters

Alan Waters – Public Relations Agent for Glenn Miller

Tina Wasserman

Tina Wasserman – Cook Books

Dorothy Wachter

Dorothy Wachter – Knowing Elvis Presley

Stephen Tobolowsky

Stephen Tobolowsky – Groundhog’s Day

Stephen Tobolowsky

Stephen Tobolowsky – Woody Allen

Stephen Tobolowsky

Stephen Tobolowsky – TV vs. Film

Stephen Tobolowsky

Getting His Big Break

Ann Hearn

Ann Hearn Tobolowsky – Telling her Parents She Wanted to be an Actress

Barbara Stone

Barbara Stone – Working with Dr. DeBakey

Sydelle Schectman

Sydelle Schectman – Jackie Robinson

June Sachs

June Sachs – Friends with Harold Lloyd and Roy Lichtenstein

Connie Rudick

Connie Rudick – Ann Richards

Bunny Radman

Bunny Radman – High School with Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Gloria Mazer Quinlan

Gloria Mazer Quinlan – Marx Brothers

Zona Pidgeon

Zona Pidgeon – St. Valentine’s Day Massacre

Flozelle Norred

Flozelle Norred – Daughter’s Role in Midnight Cowboy

Art Mueller

Art Mueller – New Jersey Corruption

Jack Melick

Jack Melick – Big Band & Jennifer Aniston

Gigi McWhirter

Mary Gene “Gigi” McWhirter – Growing up with Steve Martin

Larry Mallory

Larry Mallory – MLK

Betty London

Betty London – Father Hired Pretty Boy Floyd

Nathan Ivey

Nathan Ivey – Judith Ivey

Sel Heller

Sel Heller – Jazz Musicians

Rita Goldfarb

Rita Goldfarb – Tiny Tim

Al Garment

Al Garment – Bootlegging Grandfather and Royal Seamstress Grandmother

Roy Elsner

Roy Elsner – Al Capone

Howard Cohen

Howard Cohen – Ann-Margret Olsson

Toppy Bell

Toppy Bell – Houdini

Alvie Bell – Bootlegger Grandfather During Prohibition

Carol Alkek

Carol Alkek – Private Van Cliburn Concert