General Subjects & Everyday Life

Wilma Smith

Wilma Smith – Golfing Since the 30s

Wilma Smith

Wilma Smith – Working for $10 a Week

Wilma Smith

Wilma Smith – Doing Laundry by Hand

Beverly Tobian

Beverly Tobian – Frugal with the Ice

Lorene Lucas

Mary “Lorene” Lucas – Daughter and the Ice Man

Glenn Primmer

Glenn Primmer – Ice in the 20s

Dorothy DeHaas

Dorothy DeHaas – 50 lbs of Ice

Meet the Hellmans – Banana Bewilderment

Allie Jene Barksdale

Allie Jene Barksdale – Cards in the Window

Bob Conger

Bob Conger – Ice Man

Fritz Dietrich

Fritz Dietrich – WWII and Family

David Arant

Hugh “David” Arant – Meeting His Wife

Michael Gundy

Michael Gundy – Coma Dreams

Robert Kennard

Robert Kennard – Nearly Drowned

Robert Rege

Robert Rege – Lab Assistant

Jack Bradshaw

Jack Bradshaw – CEO of Delta Airlines

Joseph Berg Jr

Joseph Berg Jr. – Assembling Nuclear Weapons in The Air

Raymond Bass

Raymond Bass – Oklahoma Land Rush

Adolph Word

Adolph Word – Watermelon Fights

Adolph Word

Adolph Word – Redrock Ampitheater

Richard D. Kingsberry – First Black Military Science Professor

Freedom-Grade overturned in Court

Kim Sullivan – Musical Memories

Charlene Mallory Turner – Hangings in the 1930’s

Charlene Mallory Turner – One Room School House

Bill Ragan – Lunar Module in 1969 Moon Landing

Bill Ragan – Building a Glider in 1930

Bill Ragan – The Tri Lads

Christina Waller

Christina Waller – Adopted During Vietnam War

Kimberly Archie – Sonny Bono Election

Jon Gilliam – Penpal

Ed “Too Tall” Jones – College Business

Bryan Mark Rigg – German Studies

Ormand & Eve Knowles – Johnny Carson on his Way to Burn Down his Apartment

Ormand & Eve Knowles – NBC Security

Bert Kraft Drums

Bert Kraft – Still Playing Drums After WWII

Edna Purcell Bridges

Edna Purcell Bridges – Lost Drawing Book

Dennie Lindsey, Jack and Claire

Dennie Lindsey – High School Experiences

Jack Douglass JD Ashabranner

Jack Douglas “JD” Ashabranner – Milk Man

Audree Disraeli

Audree Disraeli – Barbershop Deals

Jim & Peg Ong

Jim & Peg Ong – Meeting and Courting

Ruth & Wally Cowan

Ruth & Wally Cowan – Law School and Finding a Job

Bernie Dworkin

Bernie Dworkin – Life as an Auctioneer

Bernie Dworkin

Bernie Dworkin – Influential Teacher

Bernie Dworkin

Bernie Dworkin – First Date After Korean War

variety of life

Various Topics Compilation


Advice Compilation

variety of life

Variety of Life Compilation

Harrell Pailet

Harrell Pailet – State of Israel

Lynn Heffler

Lynn Heffler – TV’s and Cell Phones

Norma Wade

Norma Wade – Roughneck Worker

Adolph Word

Adolph Word – Old Car Brakeman

Helen Wolan

Helen Wolan – Baby Showers

Dorothy Skip Winnette

Dorothy “Skip” Winnette – World Travel

Betty Westbrook

Betty Westbrook – Moving to Dallas

Herb Weitzman

Herb Weitzman – Family History

Herb Weitzman

Herb Weitzman – Real Estate

Bob Warren

Bob Warren – First Flight

Bob Warren

Bob Warren – Horses at School

Bob Warren

Bob Warren – Homemade Telephone

Bill Walker

Bill Walker – First TV in The Neighborhood

Wesley VanPelt

Wesley “Wes” VanPelt – Premature Birth

Diana Valtr

Diana Valtr – Family Move

Marilyn Tonkon

Marilyn Rolnick Tonkon – Interior Design

Theresa Tinghitella

Theresa Tinghitella – Boyfriend Expectations

George Tiegs

George Tiegs – Radio Shows

Ed Thracker – Post College

Terry Teitelbaum

Terry Teitelbaum – Marbles

Lannie Sutherland

Lennie Sutherland – Discovering Siblings

Elma Stone

Elma Stone – Dating Advice

Chick Sham

Chick Sham – Adopted by Her Aunt and Uncle

Barbara Schmidt

Barbara Schmidt – Limited Career Opportunities for Women

Hurles Scales

Hurles Scales – Cuban Missile Crisis

June Sachs

June Sachs – Starting the Dallas Gay-Straight Alliance

Connie Rudick

Connie Rudick – College Tuition

Haydn Roberts

Hayden Roberts – DC-7 Plane

Clint Risner

Clint Risner – Test Taking with a Twin

Marsha Ring

Marsha Ring – The Book Mobile

Bill Prindible

Bill Prindible – Free Plane Rides

Clarice Post

Clarice Post – University Tuition in 1949

Donald Pomeroy

Donald “Don” Pomeroy – Radio News

Marian Perl

Marian Perl – Texas Schools

Marian Perl

Marian Perl – Feme Sole

Jude Parola – Train Hopping

SueAnne Painter

Sue Anne Painter – Model T Ford

Bill Norred

Bill Norred – Family’s Car Showroom

Kitty Murray

Kitty Murray – Small Town Relations

Neil Morrow MD

Dr. Neil Morrow – Kids Today and Mistakes

Cynthia Mondell

Cynthia Mondell – Producing Documentaries

Allen Mondell

Allen Mondell – AE: Peace Corp

A J Mills

A.J. Mills – Executive Charter

Liesel Masek

Elizabeth “Liesel” Masek – AE: Father’s Prayer

Arnie Marks

Arnie Marks – Challenges for Jewish Soviets

Carol Lewis

Carol Lewis – School Bus

Andre Lepine

Andre “Andy” Lepine – Playing Outside

Bill Leodiker

Bill Leediker – Cost of a New Model T Ford

Helen Lee

Helen Lee – Marrying a Man Named Robert E. Lee

Esme Jacobson

Esme Jacobson – Televisionless Entertainment

Ginger Jacobs

Ginger Jacobs – Dallas Jewish Historical Society

Shirley Hosek

Shirley Hosek – Used Cars

Nancy F. Holland

Nancy F. Holland – Candy from Soldiers

Harlan Holiner

Harlan Holiner – First Car

Liffort Hobley

Liffort Hobley – Rural Life

Norma Hill

Norma Hill – Dust Storms

Ken Hammel

Ken Hammel – Teaching

Irwin Grossman

Irwin Grossman – Philanthropy

Boris Gremon

Boris Gremont – The World Wide Banned Vuvuzela

John Gould

John Gould – Pianist for Silent Films

Lois Goldberg

Lois Goldberg – TV

Paul Gips

Paul Gips – Pranks

Lois Goldberg

Lois Goldberg – Grandparent’s Experience

Karen Glanger

Karen Glanger – First Experience in America

Joan Genender

Joan Genender – Turning the Corner

Jim Garrett

Jim Garrett – Missionary Parents in China

Patsy Furr

Patsy Furr – Riding a Pony to School

Jay Fichtner

Jay Fichtner – Grandmother’s Coffee

Jay Fichtner

Jay Fichtner – Plane Crash

Stanley Feld

Dr. Stanley Feld – Moon Landing

Cecelia Feld

Cecelia Feld – Russia to USA

Emma Engibous

Emma Engibous – Snow

Emma Engibous

Emma Engibous – Ice Skating at Home

Pearl Utay Friedman

Pearl Utay Friedman – Grandmother’s Dream

Ralph Dugger

Ralph Dugger – Space Missions

Ralph Dugger

Ralph Dugger – Social Security

Bill Diggs

Bill Diggs – Dust Bowl Days in The 1930s

Miriam Creemer

Miriam Creemer – Poland

Josephine Cook

Josephine “Jo” Cook – Raising 21 Kids and Uncle Alvin York

Lottie Clariday

Lottie Clariday – Treasures

Bob Bysom

Bob Bysom – Motorcycle Softball

Colonel Bob Bullock

Colonel Bob Bullock – Moon Landing from Germany

Rosalie Budnoff

Rosalie Budnoff – Milk Man

Marna Brown

Marna Brown – Snow Days

Moises Maurice Bramnick

Moises “Maurice” Bramnik – Jewish Family in Dallas

Rachel Amado Bortnick

Rachel Amado Bortnick – American Culture Shock

Jo'An Bernhard

Jo’An Bernhard – Accomplished Pianist

Dolores Barzune

Dolores Barzune – Meyerson Architect

Pauline Barr

Pauline Barr – First Telephone

Kitzi Ball

Kitzi Ball – Workplace Discrimination

Richard Aston

Richard Aston – Child Care

Rose Ashkinaz

Rose Ashkinaz – Trash Disposal

Suzi Ablon

Suzi Ablon – Vacations

Suzi Ablon 2

Suzi Ablon – Family Tree

Geoffrey Abbott

Geoffrey Abbott – Yale at 16

Geoffrey Abbott

Geoffrey Abbott – Trouble in School