Round Table TV Shows

Vietnam Roundtable – Tony Berry and Leon Watkins

  Scott and Larry sit down for a discussion with Tony and Leon about their experiences during the Vietnam War and what happened after they came home.

Vietnam Vets Roundtable

Vietnam veterans Paul Huff, Ray Norton, Paul Hendricks and Jack Neal recall their deployment to Vietnam. They talk about some of their scariest moments during deployment. They also talk about how they felt about fighting and much more!

Texas Back Institute

  Co-founders of the world renowned Texas Back Institute, Dr. Ralph Rashbaum M.D., Dr. Stephen Hochschuler M.D. and Dr. Richard Guyer M.D., share their history, and discuss modern and future technology.

MLB – Round Table

  In this Round Table featuring former minor leaguers, Mike Napoli & Jack Lindsey, & MLB pitcher, Claude Osteen, they share different stories about growing up. They discuss various things from their childhood such as how many of their parents didn’t want them to play baseball growing up. Claude shares what it was like pitching…

WWII & Korea Round Table

Paul, Patricia, & Bill’s WWII & Korean War Round Table Discussion Paul Fouts, Patricia Rhodes, & Bill Whitten talk about what they remember from their service in WWII and the Korean War. Filmed in Dallas, Texas 3/30/2017

WWII Round Table

Paul, Jay, & Cecil’s WWII Round Table Discussion Paul Fouts, Jay Fichtner, & Cecil Glass reminisce on their time in WWII. Filmed in Dallas, Texas 3/09/17

WWII Round Table

Jim, Bert, Len, & Al’s WWII Round Table Discussion CLICK HERE to see Bert’s Amazing Excerpt of him playing drums! Bert Kraft, Al Binko, Len Steglich, & Jim Fassett recall and discuss their service in WWII. Filmed in Dallas, Texas 2/21/17

NFL Round Table

NFL – Round Table Featuring Byron Williams, Rodney Forsett (Justin Forsett’s Father), Ryan Moats, Javiar Collins, & Cliff Odom. Filmed in 2015

Korean War Round Table

Korean War – Round Table Featuring Dan Pak, Thane Deal, & Walt McGinnis. Taped May 2015