The Extra Point: Season 3

The Extra Point: Season 3 Mid-Season Bloopers!

We are halfway through this season of The Extra Point! We have collected all the bloopers we have so far just for fun!

The Extra Point: Season 3 Episode 4

  Join Larry Mallory again this week with guest Hurles Scales!

The Extra Point: Demetric Evans

CLICK HERE to see where Demetric went after playing in the NFL, watch him in What’s Next! With Javiar Collins

The Extra Point – Lyle Blackwood

This week Larry Talks to Lyle Blackwood. They talk about their childhood and what it was like to play on the same professional team as your brother.

The Extra Point: Byron Williams and Liffort Hobley

The Extra Point: Season 2

The Extra Point: Mike Richardson

The Extra Point: Kent Kramer and Bill Krisher


The Extra Point: Doug Dennison and Reggie Dupard

This week Larry talks to running backs Reggie Dupard and Doug Dennison. They talk about what it was like getting drafted vs being a free agent. Reggie and Doug talk about some of the amazing work they have done for the community. All this and more on The Extra Point.

The Extra Point: Liffort Hobley and Dante Wesley

This week, Dante Wesley and Liffort Hobley talk about the different generations of the NFL. We find out that, just because you are drafted does not mean security. And Dante Wesley clears up the reason for his ejection. All this and more on this weeks episode of The Extra Point!

The Extra Point: Nakia Codie and Eric Warfield

  This week Nakia Codie and Eric Warfield join us to talk about their experiences in the NFL. Nakia and Eric talk about getting drafted and what it takes to go the extra mile to make a name for yourself. All this and more on The Extra Point

The Extra Point: Cliff Odom and Chris Thomas

We are Kicking off Season two of The Extra Point with 2 proud dads of current NFL players Chris Odom and Solomon Thomas. They talk about what it was like going through the recruiting process for college athletes. They talk about the differences in being drafted and being a free agent. All this and more…

The Extra Point: Season 1

The Extra Point Podcast Season 2 Episode 7

This week Scott and Larry talk football! What happened last week and what are their predictions in the weeks to come?

The Extra Point Podcast: Season 2 Episode 5

CLICK HERE to see the Larry’s Amazing Excerpt on the Miracle at the Meadowlands! This week Scott and Larry talk about the past week of football and what they think will happen next week. Larry will be on a short break from the podcast for a few weeks, so get him while you can!

The Extra Point Podcast: Season 2 Episode 3

The Extra Point: Episode 10

  Welcome to the season one finale of The Extra Point. This episode, we reminisce about some of the most interesting things that happened in season one! We also take a look at some of the many mistakes and bloopers in the season. Stay tuned for season two coming in 2018! If you have any…

The Extra Point: CTE Special

  This week is a special edition of The Extra Point. We have activist Kimberly Archie and Cyndy Feasel. They talk about how they got involved in the concussion awareness movement. They talk about the heartbreak of losing a loved one to brain injury and what we can do to help reduce brain injuries among…

The Extra Point: Episode 8

  This week, Larry talks with some of the NFL’s fastest players, ‘Rocket’ Ismail and Phillip Epps. ‘Rocket’ Ismail talks about his interesting experiences that made him choose the CFL over the NFL out of college at Notre Dame. Larry asks Phillip Epps about some of his most memorable games as a Packer and what…

The Extra Point: Episode 7

The Extra Point Episode 7 with guests Roosevelt Collins and Waymond Bryant! Waymond shares what it was like being a number one draft choice. Roosevelt discusses with Larry his place in the TCU hall of fame. Both guests confess that football was never their first choice of sports. All this and more on this weeks…

The Extra Point: Episode 5

  This episode we have have baseball greats Mike Napoli, Claude Osteen, and Jack Lindsey! They talk about some of the biggest differences in the MLB now, VS when they played. What was the pay like when they played? How were players treated then VS now? How did their families feel about playing professional sports?…

The Extra Point: Episode 4

  This episode of The Extra Point features Ira Terrell and Flozell Adams! Ira and Flozell both share the stories of their most embarrassing moments in their professional sports career. LeBron James, or Michael Jordan? Ira gives his opinion on the best players in the NBA. Flozell also shares how he was not a sports…

The Extra Point: Episode 3

  With former NFL players, Byron Williams, Cliff Odom and Hurles Scales, Larry talks about some of the sayings that motivated him when he played for the New York Giants. Hurles talks about how he went from being an NFL defensive back, to becoming a professor. Cliff and Byron Talk about how they met in…