Veterans from all over the world tell their stories from the wars. Exclusive stories told by people who lived them. Collections of short stores from the Wars and Military category.

Thomas Russell

Thomas Russell – Self Taught Vessel Training

Thomas Russell reveals he was just 18 years old when he was put in charge of steering a giant Navy hospital ship during World War II. Watch him tell how he learned to man such a ship. CLICK HERE for the full Oral History.

George Brewer – Too Much Turkey

George Brewer talks about being transferred via electric train during the war. He and a train full of soldiers were stuck on the train for a week with no food when they stumbled upon a truck filled with large cans of turkey. CLICK HERE to watch the full Oral History

Christina Waller

Christina Waller – Ameri-Asian Babies in Vietnam

Christina Waller talks about how Ameri-Asian babies were outcasted during the Vietnam war. CLICK HERE to see the full Oral History.

Jack Bradshaw

Jack Bradshaw – Joining the British Royal Air Force

Jack Bradshaw shares about how he joined the British Royal Air Force even though he was an American during WWII. CLICK HERE to see Jack Bradshaw’s Short Story on the Civil War in the Civil War Category! CLICK HERE to see his Short Story about getting lost while flying during WWII in the WWII – In…

James "Jim" Hardwick

Jim Hardwick – Pearl Harbor

James “Jim” Hardwick woke up after attending a Luau to the attack on Pearl Harbor. He went on to see combat 9 times after that day. CLICK HERE to watch the full Oral History

Bill Usher

Bill Usher – In The Vatican

Bill talks about his trip to Rome, while on assignment, where he was able to climb the cupola in the Vatican. CLICK HERE to see Bill’s Short Story about his re-assignment on the USS Randolph during World War II in the WWII – In The Pacific Category! CLICK HERE to see the full Oral History.

Joel McGregor Jr

Joel McGregor Jr. – Civil War

Joel McGregor Jr. discusses memories involving his grandfather who fought in the Civil War. CLICK HERE to watch the full Oral History

John Niland

John Niland – Saving Private Ryan

John Niland found out that the movie “Saving Private Ryan” was loosely based on his uncle during World War II. CLICK HERE to watch the full Oral History

Seymour Farber – B-29 Crashes

Seymour Farber recounts the catastrophic number of B-29 airplane crashes and the hundreds of lives lost during WWII.   CLICK HERE to see Seymour share various stories from WWII including tales from Pearl Harbor in the Short Story category, WWII- In the Pacific! CLICK HERE to see Seymour’s story about a couple who grew up…

S.D. Houston

S.D. Houston – Merchant Marines Convoy

S.D. Houston talks about how the Marines didn’t have guns on their ships at first, but they would travel in groups of boats for protection. He says when one boat would lag behind, U-boats would shoot their deck guns at them until the ship sank. CLICK HERE to watch the full Oral History

Ruth & Wally Cowan

Ruth & Wally Cowan – WWII Pilot

Ruth and Wally Cowan talk about Wally becoming the first B-17 pilot at the young age of 19 years old. His daily job was bombing cities and returning his crew back safely. He completed 37 missions, including one where his engine was shot and a P-51 guided him through the air to safety in the…

Glory Maria Posey

Glory Marie Posey – Building Marble Falls

Glory Marie Posey’s grandfather built the Texas town of Marble Falls, often referred to as The Blind Man’s Town, after he was blinded in the Civil War. CLICK HERE to watch the full Oral History

Jerry Benjamin

Jerry Benjamin – Jewish War Veterans

Jerry Benjamin is an active leader in the Jewish War Veterans of the USA, thanks to his wife’s prodding. CLICK HERE to watch the full Oral History

Ted Waller

Ted Waller – Naval Battles

Ted Waller enlisted in the Navy the day after Pearl Harbor. Within 45 days he was aboard ship and going to participate in the Battle of the Coral Sea. He was in a total of 18 Naval battles during World War II. CLICK HERE to watch the full Oral History

Jim Reed

Jim Reed – Iwo Jima

Jim Reed, a Browning Automatic Rifle assistant, tells the story of his 26 days in Iwo Jima including a sneak attack on his first day. By the end of his time there, 6,821 US Soldiers were dead and about 17,000 wounded. CLICK HERE to watch the full Oral History

Robby Campbell

Robby Campbell – Man Overboard

Robby Campbell’s crew mate fell overboard when his captain ordered him to put the cover on the ships gun during choppy weather. CLICK HERE to see Robby’s Short Story on being Don Meredith and Jimmy Day’s coach for football during high school in the Professional Athletes Category! CLICK HERE to see the Full Oral History.

Dana Carroll – Segregation in the Military

Dana describes what it was like to serve in the segregated Army, and the feeling when President Truman finally integrated the Armed Forces. CLICK HERE to see Dana’s Short Story on how he received the Purple Heart! CLICK HERE to see his full Oral History! Born in 1918 in Kingsport, TN Army Sergeant – WWII…

Jack Turley

Jack Turley – Guadalcanal

Jack Turley talks about only being able to carry three days worth of food leading to living off Japanese rice, Japanese soldiers ruining water around the area, and Japanese soldiers continuously bombing the air strip Jack and his crew were building. He says the scariest moments for him were when he’d lose friends during his…

Charles Lescher Jr

Charles Lescher Jr. – Exploding F-104

Charles Lescher’s F-104 tore apart while he was flying at about 600 mph, 50 ft above the ground. CLICK HERE to watch the full Oral History

Lester Burgman – Meeting Bob Feller on the Front Lines

Lester Burgman met Bob Feller, who was on a Navy baseball team, during his service in WWII and changed his mind about his favorite baseball team. CLICK HERE to see the full Oral History.