Veterans from all over the world tell their stories from the wars. Exclusive stories told by people who lived them. Collections of short stores from the Wars and Military category.

Bill Prindible

Bill Prindible – Close call on a Plane

Bill Prindible details the time he and his crew were flying the Holland and Germany border during Operation Market Garden when they were shot in the gas tank by German soldiers. He later learned they had been shot with a 20mm anti- aircraft shell that had miraculously not exploded. CLICK HERE to watch the full…

Buzz Peterman

Buzz Peterman – Survival School For War

Buzz Peterman graduated flight school and survival school before he left for Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City) during the Vietnam War. CLICK HERE to watch the full Oral History

George Brewer – Horses in The Army

George Brewer talks about how he took care of horses during the war, and the importance of horses to the generals. CLICK HERE to watch the full Oral History

David Watson

David Watson – Man on the Moon

David Watson recalls being on a river in Vietnam and looking at the moon and realizing that we had a man on the moon. CLICK HERE to watch the full Oral History

Raymond Bass

Raymond Bass – Scariest Moment

Raymond shares the scariest moment he experienced during WWII. CLICK HERE to see his Short Story about his family struggles during The Great Depression in The Great Depression Category! CLICK HERE to see his Short Story about his grandparents coming from Czechoslovakia to join the land rush in Oklahoma in the General Subjects & Everyday Life…

Barbara Park

Barbara Park – Coast Guard Enlistment

Barbara Park talks about how she accidentally joined the coast guard. CLICK HERE to watch the full Oral History

Ward Hughes

Ward Hughes – 82nd Airborne Infantry

Ward Hughes was assigned to the 82nd Airborne Infantry and 325th Infantry Regiment in the Battle of the Bulge. His first mission was cancelled due to George Patton’s army overrunning their drop zone. His next mission to take hold of and retain the Nijmegen Bridge was successful though. CLICK HERE to watch the full Oral…