Veterans from all over the world tell their stories from the wars. Exclusive stories told by people who lived them. Collections of short stores from the Wars and Military category.

Gary Kronick

Gary Kronick – Hidden Sniper and Hit by a Rocket

Gary’s scariest moment during his time in Vietnam was when his team was ambushed by a hidden sniper and a rocket exploded near him, hitting him with shrapnel. CLICK HERE to see the full Oral History.

Joel McGregor Jr

Joel McGregor Jr. – Civil War

Joel McGregor Jr. discusses memories involving his grandfather who fought in the Civil War. CLICK HERE to watch the full Oral History

Robert Lamb

Robert “Bob” Lamb – Grandfather in WWI & WWII

Bob Lamb’s grandfather served in WWI and became a Merchant Marine in WWII. He later died when a German submarine shot at him and his crew with a torpedo. CLICK HERE to watch the full Oral History

Robert Kennard

Robert Kennard – Injury Almost Ended Military Career

Robert talks about the unlikely event that almost ended his military career. CLICK HERE to see Robert’s Short Story where he narrowly escaped a drowning accident when growing up in Ohio in the General Subjects and Everyday Life Category! CLICK HERE to see his Short Story about the greatest inventions of his time in the…

Charles Wisler

Charles Wisler – Air Force Training

Charles Wisler says Air Force was sorry for not being able to give soldiers the training they were promised  before being transferred back to go to Airplane Engine and mechanics school. CLICK HERE to watch the full Oral History

Bill Huber

Bill Huber – Ferrying President Roosevelt

Bill Huber was just 21 years old when he was aboard the USS Iowa ferrying President Roosevelt to North Africa. The ship was almost sunk by accidental fire of a torpedo from a neighboring ship. CLICK HERE to watch the full Oral History

Bob Goldberg

Bob Goldberg – Pacific Radio

Bob Goldberg was attening University of Texas when he enlisted in the Navy. He attended boot camp and radio school in San Diego before he was moved to San Francisco to operate a radio broadcast for soldiers in the Pacific. CLICK HERE to watch the full Oral History

Marylyn Andrews

Marylyn Andrews – Japanese Students

Marylyn talks about how her Japanese classmates were treated during WWII. CLICK HERE to see Marylyn’s Short Story about her first TV in the Great Inventions Category! CLICK HERE to watch the full Oral History

Joseph Berg Jr

Joseph Berg Jr. – Married Over The Phone

Joseph Berg married his wife over the phone after the end of World War II so she would be considered a dependent and come to Japan to live with him. CLICK HERE to see Joseph’s Short Story on how his grandmother had a unique concern about Joe’s service, in the WWII – In Europe and…

John Lucky Luckadoo

John “Lucky” Luckadoo – Member of the Bloody 100th

Lucky Luckadoo was fresh out of flying school when he was assigned to a B-17 in WWII. He became part of the “Bloody 100th”, the 100th Bomb Group of the 8th Air Force. CLICK HERE to watch the full Oral History

Gigi McWhirter

Mary Gene “Gigi” McWhirter – Wartime Newspaper

Gigi McWhirter recalls her and her family gathering around her father reading the newspaper to hear the death tolls. CLICK HERE to watch the full Oral History

Dottie Winchester

Dottie Winchester – Married to an Auschwitz Liberator

Dottie Winchester talks about her husband, Rush, who was a Liberator of the Auschwitz Concentration Camp and her relatives lives in East Germany, behind the Iron Curtain during the Cold War. CLICK HERE to watch the full Oral History

Dr. Murray Heimberg-Prisoner of War

Dr. Murray Heimberg discusses being a Prisoner of War and German’s stripping him of his unirform before forcing him into labor, and losing 30-40 pounds during his grueling imprisonment. Murray goes on to detail his escape that involves Russian soldiers. CLICK HERE to watch Dr Heimberg’s full Oral Histoy

Bill Whitten – Germans and Koreans on Americans

Bill talks about the interactions he had with Germans and Koreans while serving in the military, and the way they thought about Americans after WWII and the Korean War. CLICK HERE to see Bill’s Short Story on flying in the U.S. Airforce in the Korean War category! CLICK HERE to see his Round Table Discussion on…

Frances Thetford Cree

Frances Thetford Cree – Pearl Harbor

Frances Thetford Cree recalls hearing the news that Pearl Harbor had just been attacked. CLICK HERE to watch the full Oral History

Joe Applewhite

Joe Applewhite – Sharecropping

Joe Applewhite discusses his grandfather who took part in the start of Sharecropping after the Civil War. Joe also talks about his great-grandfather who was a Captain in the Civil War until he was petitioned out. CLICK HERE to watch the full Oral History CLICK HERE to see Joe’s Short Story about his near-death experience…

Al Cloud

Al Cloud – Supply Division Officer in World War II

Al Cloud talks about his responsibilities as a Supply Division Officer and his authority to sign a check for an unlimited amount. CLICK HERE to watch the full Oral History

Harvey Anderson

Harvey Anderson – Wounded or Captured

Harvey Anderson recalls how the soldiers of World War II thought about being captured versus being wounded. CLICK HERE to watch the full Oral History

Jack Turley

Jack Turley – Guadalcanal

Jack Turley talks about only being able to carry three days worth of food leading to living off Japanese rice, Japanese soldiers ruining water around the area, and Japanese soldiers continuously bombing the air strip Jack and his crew were building. He says the scariest moments for him were when he’d lose friends during his…

Dick Hamann

Richard “Dick” Hamann – USS Wisconsin Reunion

Dick Hamann talks about the first reunion of the USS Wisconsin crew in 1989 as it was going back into commission. It included all the old crew members from World War II and the Korean War. CLICK HERE to watch the full Oral History