Veterans from all over the world tell their stories from the wars. Exclusive stories told by people who lived them. Collections of short stores from the Wars and Military category.

Aaron Kreisler

Dr. Aaron Kreisler – Case Western Reserve

Aaron Kreisler trained at Case Western Reserve, HQ for the anti-Vietnam movement and met Dr. Spock as well as a Nobel Prize Winner CLICK HERE to see Aaron’s full Oral History 

Jack Prior

Jack Prior – Nimitz Aircraft

Jack Prior worked for Admiral Rickover designing the Nimitz class aircraft carrier engine room. CLICK HERE to watch the full Oral History

Kimberly Archie – Differences in Perspectives

Kimberly Archie talks about some of the struggles her father faced while serving in the military including racial segregation among the troops. CLICK HERE to see the full Oral History

Jack Bradshaw

Jack Bradshaw – Shooting Planes down

Jack tells the stories of what it was truly like being in dog fights and shooting planes down. CLICK HERE to see Jack Bradshaw’s Short Story on the Civil War in the Civil War Category! CLICK HERE to see his Short Story about joining the British Royal Air Force in the WWII – Europe and At Home…

George Vines – Testing the First Rounds of Penicillin

George Vine’s life was saved by one of the first doses of a drug that is now considered commonplace. CLICK HERE to watch the full Documentary

Maurice Ashkinaz

Maurice Ashkinaz – Aircraft Gunners

Maurice explains how the gunners on the aircraft help the pilots avoid anti-aircraft fire. CLICK HERE to see Maury’s Short Story where he talks about the difference between Hollywood and actually flying over Europe during WWII in the WWII in Europe and Home category! CLICK HERE to see his Short Story about the lead plane in his…

Rozina Valimsky

Rozina Vlasimski – German Occupation

Rozina Vlaminski grew up in Czechoslovakia and witnessed the entirety of World War II. She watched her government be taken over by Communism which labeled her “Unreliable” and was forced to work. She soon ran away to Germany in the dead of night. CLICK HERE to watch the full Oral History

Dean Willis

Dean Willis – Honor Flight

Dean Willis took an honor flight trip to Washington DC with other Veterans. CLICK HERE to watch the full Oral History

Desmond Fuller

Desmond Fuller – Marines in Iwo Jima

Desmond Fuller was in the first wave of Marines who landed in Iwo Jima on February 19th, 1945 and was wounded the very first day. CLICK HERE to watch the full Oral History

Don Saddler

Don Saddler – Never Relax in War

Don talks about how where he was stationed was a hotspot for mortars to hit, but it had calmed down when he got there. Right when they started to relax things went wrong. CLICK HERE to see Don’s Short Story on his missions flying cargo planes in Vietnam in the Vietnam War Category! CLICK HERE to…

Joel McGregor Jr

Joel McGregor Jr. – Civil War

Joel McGregor Jr. discusses memories involving his grandfather who fought in the Civil War. CLICK HERE to watch the full Oral History

Tase Bailey

Tase Bailey – Iraq

Tase Bailey’s son is a major in the Marine Corps. He is a Cobra pilot and has served 5 tours in Iraq and Afghanistan. CLICK HERE to watch the full Oral History

Eileen Kreisler

Eileen Kreisler – Air Raid Drills During WWII

Eileen Kreisler talks about having to be in complete dark during air raid drills in her New York City apartment during World War II. She remembers traffic lights having slits in them to dampen the amount of light given off and being able to only use dim headlights. CLICK HERE to watch the full Oral…

Steve Hart

Steve Hart – Eisenhower called him Son

Steve Hart talks about how he flew Eisenhower who was just like a father to him and tells funny stories about George Patton, a General in the US Army. CLICK HERE to see Steve’s Short Story about when he was forced to land in a German minefield in the WWII – In Europe and at…

Nadeem Khan-Brother’s undercover operation

Nadeem Kahn tells about how his brother used his culture and race to go undercover in Pakistan to help fight terrorism in the United States and how it all went wrong. CLICK HERE to see Nadeem’s full Oral History CLICK HERE to see Nadeem’s short story about how his father survived being surrounded by 50…

John Schmidt – Vietnam Reporters

John Schmidt believes that the reporters caused morale problems among units in Vietnam. CLICK HERE to watch the full Oral History

Jack Douglass JD Ashabranner

Jack Douglas “JD” Ashabranner – SOS Over Japan

CLICK HERE to see JD’s Short Story on his experience in the Navy during the Korean War in the Korean War Category! CLICK HERE to see JD’s full Oral History! Born in 1931 Raised in Burnet, TX Navy Korean War Filmed in Dallas, TX in 2016

Howard Cohen

Howard Cohen – Parachute Belts

Howard Cohen says World War II was financially prosperous for his family due to his father being commissioned by the US Air Force to make parachute belts during World War II. CLICK HERE to watch the full oral history

Jim & Peg Ong

Jim & Peg Ong – Night Patrol

Jim and Peg Ong talk about a funny experience Jim had while on night patrol during World War II. CLICK HERE to watch the full Oral History

Gerry Romanik

Gerry Romanik – Pearl Harbor

Gerry Romanik was just 15 years old when she and her classmates listened to Roosevelt’s speech about Pearl Harbor. She says it felt like the world was a puzzle just falling apart. CLICK HERE to watch the full Oral History