World War II - In the Pacific

Ruth Evans

Ruth Evans – WWII Suicide Mission

S.D. Houston

S.D. Houston – Surviving an Invasion

Clyde Jackson

Clyde Jackson – Flag Raising

Jim Reed

Jim Reed – Saving People

Bill Wilhoit

Bill Wilhoit – Kamikaze Target

Daniel Lester Rosenberg

David Lester Rosenberg – Marine Bootcamp

Daniel Lester Rosenberg

David Lester Rosenberg – Service to the Nation

James "Jim" Hardwick

Jim Hardwick – Torpedoed During WWII

Luther Fielder

Luther Fielder – Friends Killed in WWII

Luther Fielder

Luther Fielder – Smuggling a Dog Onboard

Mike Mervosh

Mike Mervosh – Flag Raising at Mt. Suribachi

Joseph Berg Jr

Joseph Berg Jr. – How the Japanese Viewed Americans After WWII

Joseph Berg Jr

Joseph Berg Jr. – Married Over The Phone

Bill Usher

Bill Usher – Reassignment in WWII

Bill Usher

Bill Usher – In The Vatican

Henry Emmitt Barksdale

Henry “Emmitt” Barksdale – Live Shell Explosion at Feet

Robby Campbell

Robby Campbell – Man Overboard

Seymore Farber

Seymour Farber – Various Stories from WWII Including Pearl Harbor

David Yablong

David Yablong – Witnessing the Japanese sign their surrender to General MacArthur

Lester Burgman – Meeting Bob Feller on the Front Lines

Thomas Russell

Thomas Russell – Self Taught Vessel Training

Thomas Russell

Thomas Russell – Kamikaze’s Tactics

Thomas Russell

Thomas Russell – The Great Wave

Ted Waller

Ted Waller – Surrender of the South Pacific

S.D. Houston

S.D. Houston – Merchant Marines Convoy

WWII Pacific

World War II – In the Pacific Compilation

Charles Wisler

Charles Wisler – Air Force Training

Bill Wilhoit

Bill Wilhoit – Normandy on D-Day

Ted Waller

Ted Waller – Naval Battles

Al Tyler

Al Tyler – Philippines Mission World War II

Jack Turley

Jack Turley – Guadalcanal

Marion Spitler

Marion E. Spitler – Japanese Occupation

Bill Schott – Raising of the US Flag in Iwo Jima

Leon Rubenstein

Leon Rubenstein – Marshall Islands: Attacked by Kamikazes

Daniel Lester Rosenberg

Daniel Lester Rosenberg – World War II in the Pacific

Gerry Romanik

Gerry Romanik – Pearl Harbor

Jim Reed

Jim Reed – Iwo Jima

Virginia Perkins

Virginia Perkins – Fiancé in the War

Bob Northington

Bob Northington – Korea and Okinawa

Bob Northington

Bob Northington – Start of World War II

Ken Nelson

Ken Nelson – The Hump

Weldon Mills

Weldon Mills – Under Attack

Jarl McDaniel – Boston Harbor Scary Moment

James "Jim" Hardwick

Jim Hardwick – Pearl Harbor

Fiske Hanley

Fiske Hanley II – Japanese Prisoner of War

Susan Hall

Susan Hall – Pearl Harbor

John Gould

John Gould – Truk Island

Lois Goldberg

Lois Goldberg – Pearl Harbor

Bob Goldberg

Bob Goldberg – Pacific Radio

Carroll V Glines Jr

Carroll V. Glines Jr. – Tokyo Raid

Desmond Fuller

Desmond Fuller – Marines in Iwo Jima

Seymour Farber – Japan Bombing

Seymour Farber – Survival Kit

Seymour Farber – B-29 Crashes

Seymour Farber – Roosevelt and Pearl Harbor

Lenore Farber Part 2

Lenore Farber – WWII Scrapbook

Frances Thetford Cree

Frances Thetford Cree – Pearl Harbor

Hy Cohen

Hy Cohen – Jimmy Doolittle

Jim Clutts

Jim Clutts – Single Flight Mission

Al Cloud

Al Cloud – Supply Division Officer in World War II

Jay Beck MD

Jay Beck, MD – Pearl Harbor

David Arant

Hugh “David” Arant – Winston Churchill’s Words Get him Through a Scary Moment

Harvey Anderson

Harvey Anderson – Wounded or Captured

John Terry Smith MD

Dr. John Terry Smith – USS Indianapolis